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What Is A Dedicated Server?
It is a top-end hosting solution where only your website(s) and other applications use the resources of a whole physical server. There is no resource sharing with any other external website,
program or service. The server gets wholly configured to meet your website(s) or application’s specific needs, which ends up enhancing the performance and stability drastically.

[Image: dedi.jpg]

Is a bare metal server the same as a dedicated server? Yes, it’s the same thing just branded differently. A bare-metal server is a dedicated server that gives developers closer access to the physical hardware.

How Does Dedicated Server Hosting Work?

Upon purchase of a dedicated server hosting plan, you get a blank slate server. You can build, optimize, and customize it to your requirements. You get to add only elements that benefit your website in terms of functionality and performance. Besides, you can run the operating system of your choice.


Error Correcting Code RAM offers more reliability as it includes unique hardware that prevents data corruption and can recover from errors


Server CPUs come with lots of cores, which can rise to 48 cores for Intel Xeons or 64 cores for AMD Epyc. If your application does not require that much resources you can always get a dedicated server with less resources.

SSDs (or HDDs)

SSD storage gives more storage performance than hard disks (better read and write speeds), but also cost more.
With such powerful specifications, you get generous bandwidth allowances that can handle lots of traffic.

How Much Does A Dedicated Server Cost?

If budget is no concern, you should go for dedicated server hosting. It is the best in terms of performance but usually comes at a premium
In a nutshell,
Web hosting providers sell dedicated server hosting at different rates between $45 and over $500.

The cost mainly depends on the following:
  • Size of the server
  • Features
  • Hardware included
  • Company reputation
  • Type of server; managed or UnManaged
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