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Full Version: What is VPS Hosting?
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Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is virtual mimics dedicated server environments within a shared server. It’s become a popular choice because it is generally lower in cost than dedicated hosting but provides better reliability, security, and performance than shared hosting.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a type of hosting suited for people who have outgrown shared hosting. Where multiple sites reside on a single web server with shared hosting and have no guarantee of resources, VPS allows fewer users to share allocated segments of hard drive space, memory, and processor power.

Each user on a VPS server has access to a virtual machine running its own copy of an operating system (OS). This allows customers using VPS hosting to experience similar capabilities and performance to a dedicated server for their sites.

VPS hosting has numerous operating systems on a single server. Each operating system has a certain amount of server resources allocated to it. A single powerful server is divided into multiple VPS servers that run on its own resources. This way, every operating system functions like it is running on a dedicated server. From your perspective, the user’s perspective it certainly seems that way too.

What are the benefits of VPS Hosting?
  • Increase Reliability
  • Privacy
  • Customization
  • Control
  • Gain Total Control of the Server
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Cost Savings