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Full Version: What is Offshore Hosting?
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Offshore hosting is nothing but hosting your website, data or application to a far-off Datacenter location from your place of origin. There are many reasons for taking your hosting offshore, reasons as hosting copyrighted content, DMCA content, Hacking websites, adult content, and warez hosting, etc to get privacy, security, and freedom. There are servers that run/host a website except its located in another country. Many people use this because it is much harder to shut down legally and harder to contact. Offshore hosting is often used to host or promote the websites that are illegitimate, forbidden or banned in their own countries. Some things are banned in some countries, therefore, in this case, offshore hosting can be used to serve the purpose.

Host a website in an offshore country for one of the following reasons:

  1. Looking for a country with a higher level of freedom of speech due to restrictions imposed in your own country.
  2. Avoid some of the local laws and regulations by moving your online property to another country.
  3. Optimize your business taxation.
Benefits of Offshore Hosting
  • Exemption from specific laws and regulations of the country of your residence, e.g. online gambling can be prohibited in some jurisdictions, while it’s still perfectly legal in others.
  • Higher levels of freedom of the press and privacy protection. Switzerland is a popular country of choice in this scenario.
  • Lower taxes or other financial benefits for your business.
  • It comes with full data privacy.
  • Ignores copyright abuses.
  • It does not allow phishing, scam, or selling illegal products.