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Full Version: What is Business Email Hosting?
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A business email is an email specifically used for business. A business email address contains the company name in it like This professional email ID not only establishes the authority of a person to act on behalf of a company but also acts as an advertisement of the company because the business name stays visible with every communication the employees make. Building a brand name is only one advantage of business email. In addition to largely ditching the desktop in favor of mobile device capabilities, users are also demanding more from their Email Services. It’s not enough to simply send and receive messages. Users require access to their accounts from any device, at any time, and security is paramount.

Benefits of Business Email Hosting!
Secure Access
When you sign in to your webmail account, your access (POP or IMAP) and all data sent and received by the server are encrypted until you sign out. This is to ensure that highly sensitive information won’t get leaked and compromised. Some email hosting providers are equipped with 128-bit encryption in their servers to maintain the security of your webmail access.

Enough Storage Space
Email Hosting plans will already have a massive storage space per mailbox. Depending on the amount of storage space you paid for, you can get a mailbox with megabyte or gigabyte storage capacity. Even with an MB storage, it’s more than enough to store thousands or more of your email messages. Make sure that you get a flexible email hosting solution if you need to upgrade for more space.

Establish Trust
A business Email account is trusted more than a free mail account by the customers. A professional email account is always associated with a domain name which is your company’s business domain name on which your primary website is hosted. Any customer wishing to know more about your services can easily recognize your website address. This helps tremendously in gaining your customers. On the other hand, any anonymous mail sent through a free email account gives no option to the customer to check your company details, decreasing the trust factor substantially.

An Email account costs nothing in comparison to the benefits you get from them. Many businesses consider investing in business emails as a wasteful expense. However, once they start using the mails, and see the benefits, they realize the true value for their money.